Gerudo Valley

For my final coursework for one of my modules at university this term, I had to rewrite either a piece of text or a different source (what the brief referred to as ‘visual text’). I decided to rewrite the piece of music ‘Gerudo Valley’ from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – the version from the 25th Anniversary Symphony (listen here) – and turn it into a poem. I thought I’d post it here before I get started on the accompanying 2000-word commentary I have to write next!

Gerudo Valley

The road ahead stretches as far as the eye can see,

Dusted with sand from the dunes that envelop it.

Ahead, another dune blocks the way, towering grandiose.

Can’t get around, can’t get through.

A storm is coming.

It’s brewing, somewhere on the road already travelled.

The sand begins to dance, swirling,

Getting caught up in the heatwaves

Hanging in the humid air.

Now the dunes are dancing too.

But it’s not a waltz: more of a tango.

There’s anger in its movement.

Need to climb the dune.

It’s silk underfoot, near impossible to climb.

Each trudge up the treacherous mountain of sand

Becomes more difficult than the last,

The sand slipping away gently

With each step.

Coming to the top of the dune,

The heat becomes even more intense.

The horizon comes into view.

The city shimmers in the haze

At the centre of the horizon.

It seems so far away,

Yet so close at the same time.

At the foot of the dune,

There’s an oasis glimmering invitingly.

But there’s no time to waste;

There’s little of the day left.

Descending is far easier,

Gliding effortlessly down the slopes.

But the heat, the heat,

It bears down like a boot on an ant.

The oasis is close now,

A pool of relief and respite,

But it vanishes.

Nothing but a mirage.




By Jack Mansfield

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